Low-Budget Traveling


Feeling the freedom! Discovering the world, people, cultures, nature, architecture, traditions what's more exciting than that? This website will be all about that. It's not about luxury vacations and stays in expensive hotels, it's about low budget traveling, feeling alive, no obligations, and making new friends. Traveling as part of you lifestyle.

I am a passionate traveler, till so far mostly in Europe, but South America, South-East Asia and Africa are on my dream list. I have spend ca. 300 days in Ukraine, 250 days in Russia, 200 days in Moldova, 60 days in Spain, 30 days in Romania and 30 days in Egypt. Today we have a lot of low-cost Airliners.

Beside general info, I will write some especially about the places I know the best. Those are Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Chisinau (Moldova) and the Crimea (Russia).



The Netherlands is my home country, and so I can give you a lot of practical tips. If you want to visit the Netherlands, it's concerning price, far the best to fly to Eindhoven, unless you have some other reason. From Eindhoven Airport are every 10 minutes buses to the train station, and from there you can reach almost every main city. Trains often go every 15 or 30 minutes. The Netherlands is quite interesting to visit, and you will not be bored for even one minute. Most of the country's historical objects remain undamaged during the world wars. From Eindhoven you easily visit Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels, Brugge) and Germany (Koln, Bonn, Aachen). There are also direct busses to Paris. Read more: